Today, more than ever, the use of technology is impacting the delivery of patient care and clinician workflow.  While this decentralized workflow is not an entirely new concept, clinicians are spending increasingly more time interacting with technology at the point of care.  The goal of Steffens Healthcare is to provide clinicians with a truly mobile clinical computer based work environment at the point of care that supports not only the technology they use, but other essential supplies and equipment that are needed to deliver exemplary patient care.

As a division of West Michigan based Steffens Enterprises Inc., we have leveraged our strong background of engineering, and precision manufacturing, to produce Best-in-Class point of care Mobile Clinical Computer Workstations.  Our goals are very clear, provide a mobile workstation that is…

  • Modular enough to support all types of computer hardware & peripherals.
  • Simple for clinicians to adjust and maneuver, promoting healthy work habits and proper ergonomics at the point of care.
  • Supportive of not only a clinician’s use of technology, but provides them with a truly Mobile Clinical Computer Workstation